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Time at Avon Tyrrell


When I came My first activity was the adventure cause where you had to use team work to do obtercals. I also like the lodges there are comfy and cosy and very fun. I have thoughrly enjoyed being in Avon Tyrrell and look forward for the rest of the week


About Me

My name is joe I like travelling and my favourite place is Colchester Essex. I like to play and watch  football.

Avon Tyrell

It’s me ,Summer enjoying my time at Avon Tyrell. I loved the low ropes, when we had to work as a team and I learnt that teamwork is very important. The food is really good I’m looking faward to see my sister.

About Me

My name is Summer, I love gymnastic I used to do swimming lessons. I have a pet dog called Millow.

Avon Tyrrell

I have had a lovely time here at Avon Tyrrell. We have done loads of activities such as low ropes,raft building, canoeing, mountain biking and adventures. My favourite activity was the mountain biking.                                                                       


I don’t want to go home!

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